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Chris Hemsworth will often showcase his firm muscles, his well-cut abs, his awesome hair and surprisingly natural knack for comedy in his commitments to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and elsewhere). But today, we see a side of the superhero actor we haven't seen before: his dancing abilities. Or, perhaps more appropriately, his lack thereof. As it turns out, Hemsworth has given his wife actress Elsa Pataky some dance lessons for her recent birthday, and while she's learning how to cut up a rug pretty well, Hemsworth still needs to take a few lessons if he wants to match her skills. But Hemsworth makes light of the situation in a new video he posted on his social media feed, where he provides evidence that he simply isn't in the same dancing league as his wife yet. Take a look at the amusing video.

You gotta appreciate a man with a good sense of humor, especially about himself. Chris Hemsworth isn't shy about showcasing his lack of dancing prowess for the sake of a good laugh, and it's clear from this Instagram video that Elsa Pataky is enjoying her husband's silliness at his own expense. It's also evident from this brief video that Pataky is having fun on her birthday, and that's Hemsworth's main goal for the day.

Plus, anyone who watched the recent trailer for Bad Times At El Royale knows that Chris Hemsworth has some moves. During a brief moment in the trailer, we see the Thor actor shaking what his mamma gave him for a brief moment, promising some (hopefully) killer moves in the fun-looking new movie from writer-director Drew Goddard, reuniting with Hemsworth after working on The Cabin in the Woods.

You can see Chris Hemsworth's moves in motion in the trailer below around the 1:34 mark. That new movie enters theaters on October 5th.

Meanwhile, Chris Hemsworth was also recently seen in Avengers: Infinity War and 12 Strong earlier this year. He is currently filming a role in the upcoming, untitled Men in Black spin-off directed by F Gary Gray. That new sci-fi fantasy joint will reunite the beefy actor with his Thor: Ragnarok co-star Tessa Thompson. It is slated to arrive in theaters on May 14th. Hemsworth is also expected (of course) to appear in next year's Avengers: Infinity War sequel -- whatever it might be officially called when it crashes into theaters on May 3rd. Evidently, May 2019 is going to be a busy month for Chris Hemsworth. Once he is finished with his work on the new Men in Black movie, however, he is apparently taking a break to spend more time with his family. Admittedly, he has been working quite a lot lately.

We don't know if any more dancing -- particularly, salsa dancing -- are in the future for Chris Hemsworth. Though we imagine there's a little more grooving to come from the Aussie actor in the future. Maybe we're just being hopeful. If he decides to take more lessons or amuse us with his dancing antics again, though, we'll be sure to keep you posted on his latest goofs right here at CinemaBlend.

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