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Making an appearance on Today recently, Alex Rodriguez cleared up some rumors regarding the status of his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. Specifically, whether or not they were engaged, as swirling rumors have suggested. Here's what Rodriguez told Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford when the athlete was put in the hot seat, and asked point blank about his relationship status with his long-standing partner, Jennifer Lopez.

I did give her that ring. I gave her that ring probably about four or five months ago. So I got her that ring. She loved it and look how beautiful she looks. Of course it has a significance. [But] no, we're not engaged. We're not engaged

While the ring does have some special meaning to the couple, Alex Rodriguez told the morning talk show hosts that he and Jennifer Lopez are actually not engaged in this clip. They've been dating for a year and a half now, and they are still wildly in love with each other. But Rodriguez and Lopez are apparently not looking to tie the knot just yet. Lopez made a similar statement earlier this year when she said the following in an interview promoting a series of shows in Las Vegas. Apparently, while the couple is looking to stay together for the foreseeable future, marriage isn't a primary concern at this moment in time.

I do believe in marriage. I would love to grow old with somebody in a committed relationship -- but I'm not forcing anything right now.

Additionally, Alex Rodriguez is thankful to be in a relationship with Jennifer Lopez now for a very specific reason: Rodriguez believes he's mature enough to handle the responsibilities and commit in a way that he might not have during his younger years. A-Rod in his 40s can handle what the athlete in his 20s could not. Rodriguez thinks that's true for Jennifer Lopez too. They are at the right age and time to make it work.

If this happened while we were in our 20s, it would've never happened. It was just too much craziness. I wasn't mature enough. We're both in our 40s, we're both from New York. We both come from Latino backgrounds, we both have two kids. We've both been through a lot and can really appreciate each other, both the good and the challenges.

Check out the Today clip with Alex Rodriguez below.

Aside from the engagement rumors (or non-rumors), Jennifer Lopez was quick to earn attention on her 49th birthday last week when she posted a picture of herself rocking out in a stunning bikini -- among friends and family -- with a big bottle of champagne carrying her into the night. J Lo knows how to party; she certainly isn't making that a secret for all her followers.

Jennifer Lopez earned that beach vacation too, based on her busy schedule. She appeared at the forefront of the NBC procedural drama Shades of Blue, which was recently canceled by the peacock network. The final season of the program aired throughout the summer. No matter, because she is still working with NBC through their dance competition series World of Dance, which recently aired its second season. That series was renewed for another season, and Jennifer Lopez is also currently attached to Bye Bye Birdie Live!

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