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Serena Williams The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallen

Yesterday, Serena Williams took a moment to talk about postpartum depression. In the recent social media post, the acclaimed athlete and mother of 11-month-old Alexis Olympia got very personal and very real with her followers, opening up about her recent struggles and revealing how constructive communication with others has allowed Williams to come to terms with her difficult feelings. It was an open, heartfelt moment for Serena Williams, and it was a moment that allowed fans to hear this side for the first time. Here's what Serena Williams said about postpartum depression.

Last week was not easy for me. Not only was I accepting some tough personal stuff, but I just was in a funk. Mostly, I felt like I was not a good mom. I read several articles that said postpartum emotions can last up to 3 years if not dealt with. I like communication best. Talking things through with my mom, my sisters, my friends let me know that my feelings are totally normal.

This open-hearted and tender reflection came from Serena Williams' Instagram page. While there are no doubts that Williams is a fierce and competitive athlete, this raw moment of honesty allows her many fans and followers to see Serena in a heartfelt, vulnerable moment. It also allows them to see the challenges she faces away from the tennis court. It's a very honest confession for the professional athlete, and it's hopefully a chance for other women to step forward and open up about their own struggles with postpartum depression -- something that can fall upon any recent mother, even three years after they give birth to their child. Here's hoping she continues to remain this open-hearted.

In addition to the comments she made above, Serena Williams also wanted to make it clear that it's normal for mothers to feel this way, and she hopes to pave the way for more women to confess their struggles with postpartum depression and allow themselves to stay honest and sincere.

It's totally normal to feel like I'm not doing enough for my baby. We have all been there. I work a lot, I train, and I'm trying to be the best athlete I can be.However, that means although I have been with her every day of her life, I'm not around as much as I would like to be. Most of you moms deal with the same thing. Whether stay-at-home or working, finding that balance with kids is a true art. You are the true heroes. I'm here to say: if you are having a rough day or week--it's ok--I am, too!!! There's always tomm!

Beyond her incredible accomplishments on the tennis court, we hope Serena Williams keeps being this emotionally honest in the future. If she continues to open up like this, she'll continue to prove a wealth of inspiration for many women in addition to her great strides as a professional athlete. Meanwhile, we'll continue to write more updates about Serena Williams' life, career, and honest reflections right here at CinemaBlend.

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