Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner Move Seats At The VMAs After Nicki Minaj Drama

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Nicki Minaj's newest studio album, Queen, hasn't been quite as big as the rap artist hoped it would be. To be more specific, it was recently dethroned by Travis Scott's latest album, Astroworld, which rose to the top of the charts upon its debut. Not one to take such a demotion lightly, Minaj started firing off at Scott, which ignited another feud for the female artist. And that feud came to a head at the VMAs last night, as Travis Scott and his famous girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, had their seats moved in order to avoid confrontation with the angered musician. Here's what we know about the recent feud.

Shortly before the VMAs took place, Nicki Minaj was stirring up trouble on Twitter. On the social media platform, the artist claimed Travis Scott didn't deserve the top spot because he didn't earn it. To be more specific, Minaj believes Scott's only at the top because of Kylie Jenner, who used her platform to inspire her fans to buy the album on the promise of seeing both her and their child, Stormi, on tour. Nicki Minaj doesn't believe that's right.

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But that wasn't the end of it. Nicki Minaj continued to fire back at Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, claiming that she put "blood sweat & tears" into the album, only to be upstaged by Scott on Jenner's behalf. Minaj said she's laughing about it, and she thanked her fans for creating what the artist considers the actual number one album in not simply America, but the world. Minaj claims it has broken records in 86 countries at this point in time.

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Those feelings of resentment and bitterness came to a head at the VMAs last night, apparently. As it was reported by TMZ, Travis Scott/Kylie Jenner and Nicki Minaj were originally supposed to be seated close to one another, but that changed shortly before the awards show went on the air on MTV. They were seen sitting on the opposite side of the room when the show went to broadcast, and fans couldn't help but speculate why. The sources close to the awards show claim it was simply because Travis Scott had the number one album at the moment, and that he shouldn't be seated behind Nicki Minaj for that reason -- although one simply has to wonder if there's more at play here. They say it wasn't about the beef, but you gotta wonder.

Whether Travis Scott/Kylie Jenner and Nicki Minaj were relocated for optics or to dissipate any feuds is something that we might not know for sure anytime soon. Alas, Scott and Jenner aren't the only people Minaj is feuding with at the moment. The Queen artist also found herself in a social media tussle with DJ Self after he claimed Cardi B was the female artist who produced the year's best rap album. Minaj didn't take kindly to those sentiments.

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