Kim Kardashian's Bodyguard From Paris Incident Being Sued

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The legal battle over Kim Kardashian West after her terrifying Paris robbery from a couple years ago isn't over yet. The insurance company that paid the reality television star after the robbery is hoping to get some compensation from Pascal Duvier, the former security chief whom insurance company AIG feels is at least somewhat responsible for the incident. AIG is reportedly taking Duvier to court and expecting him to cough up a whole lot of money. To be more exact, AIG is looking to receive a whopping $6.1 million (!) in damages. Here's what we know about the situation.

E! News reported on the latest update in the Kim Kardashian West scandal. As they note, Pascal Duvier is being sued for negligence, as he was reported to be with Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner at a nearby club when the robbers broke into Kim Kardashian West's residence, tied her down and stole several personal items. The horrifying occurrence has been recounted by Kim Kardashian West on E!'s popular reality television series. The insurance company paid Kim Kardashian West $6.1 million after the robbery, and now, they're looking to get that money back from Pascal Duvier.

Beyond leaving Kim Kardashian West alone in the apartment, the insurance company claims Pascal Duvier failed to secure several security breaches. That includes a malfunctioning intercom and a lock that wasn't up to the task. The legal documents obtained by E! News claim that these safety precautions were either known by the man in charge or, at least, they should have been known, and the irresponsibility or negligence on Duvier's part is partially responsible for the incident happening in the first place. They also claim the incident could've resulted in the loss of limb, life or property, and the high degree of danger was apparently evident but not acted upon. As a result, the robbers were able to break into the apartment.

The incident has been reported upon in no short order since it happened two years earlier, and it clearly remains a difficult and heartbreaking story for Kim Kardashian West to discuss and reflect upon. Since it happened, however, Kim Kardashian West has avoided robberies and other break-ins inside her new home, and it has caused the celebrity to look at life in a whole different way. Specifically, Kim Kardashian claims it made her less "materialistic" and more focused on her family and well-being. Hopefully, however, this recent legal case will provide at least a little bit of closure for what went down during this terrifying incident, and we hope that Kim Kardashian has found some peace since the incident, particularly with its two-year anniversary arriving earlier this week. Meanwhile, we'll continue to write about the latest celebrity news and updates as they arrive right here at CinemaBlend.

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