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On Instagram, Juliette Lewis went off in a major way. And she wanted the whole world to see it too. In an unusual video, the actress/musician finds herself furious and a bit frantic, yelling about Britney Spears and Satan and the woes of the world from inside her car. She's wondering why everyone has gone mad. We're left to wonder the same thing. Be sure to check out the wild video below. Also, be sure to be mindful of your volume levels, as its NSFW.

The strange Instagram video comes with no explanation from Juliette Lewis other than a caption that says, "#SimplerTimes." It seems that the Natural Born Killers actress was getting her groove on in her car and she was provoked to speak to the masses via Instagram. In her video, she bemoans the world, asking if we are all under the control of Satan. Then she asks Britney Spears to save us all. Then Juliette Lewis proceeds to dance her heart out.

It seems like the social media video is meant to be humorous in nature, so we should (hopefully) not be worrying about Juliette Lewis' mental state at this point in time. But it's definitely a perplexing piece of footage, one that is seemingly angered about the world at large. Although it's not exactly clear what Juliette Lewis is ranting about in her car -- other than Satan's apparent control over our world. If you have any guess, you should sound them off in the comment section below-- because your guess is as good as ours. Of course, we wouldn't blame you if you were at a loss for what's going on in this already viral video.

It should also be noted that Juliette Lewis is jamming out to Britney Spears' 2013 single, "Work Bitch." While Juliette Lewis clearly has a lot on her mind right now, it seems like the power of Britney Spears is helping her find her happy place -- which is a bit encouraging. Sometimes, all you need is a catchy tune to put you back to center. Or, in Lewis' case, to keep you furious and raging at the Satan-run world-at-large. Whatever floats your boat.

Juliette Lewis Camping

As an actress, Juliette Lewis can currently be seen on HBO's dramedy series Camping, the newest series from Lena Dunham. Additionally, Lewis has a few upcoming movies set to be released. Those films include Back Roads, the directorial debut of actor Alex Pettyfer, which is set to be released later this month, as well as Anthem of a Teenage Prophet and the film adaptation of James Frey's controversial book, A Million Little Pieces.

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