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Paris Hilton Explains Why She Broke Off Engagement

Paris Hilton The Cat in the Hat

After years of earning a reputation as a party girl, it looked like Paris Hilton was finally ready to settle down and enjoy the married life with her fiancee Chris Zylka. But those hopes were dashed when the engagement was called off only a few months before the wedding was set to be. Some weddings aren't meant to be, and Hilton claims that's the case with her ditched wedding plans. During a recent interview, Paris Hilton explained what happened.

I've always been obsessed with Disney stories and love stories and I thought it was going to be my happy ending, and I just realized after time it wasn't the right decision.

The conversation came up during Paris Hilton's recent appearance on The Talk. While there were several different talking points discussed, it was ultimately the fallout of her long-term relationship that became a main point of interest for the talk show hosts. While Hilton is typically an open and honest person about a variety of different things, it was a little surprising that she was so willing to discuss such a personal matter in an honest way.

Relationships are tough, and sometimes they don't work out. While the particulars of the relationship's demise are left to the people involved in the said relationship, Paris Hilton wasn't afraid to admit that the love affair just ultimately didn't work out. She wasn't ready to say "I do" to someone she wasn't eager to marry at this time in her life. While that was sure to be disappointing to Ms. Hilton, the heiress appears to be moving on as best she can now.

No doubt will some people be disappointed to hear that the wedding is off. The event was expected to be a star-studded ceremony, with rumors of Kim Kardashian West and Hilton's Simple Life co-star Nicole Richie among those expected to be on the guest list for the big celebrity wedding. Alas, it wasn't meant to be, and Paris Hilton appears to be okay with that. If Hilton decides to try to get married again, we'll keep you posted on all the details.

You can watch the clip from The Talk with Paris Hilton at the video link below. Hilton remains poised and well spoken, despite being asked such a personal question in a public forum.

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