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See Armie Hammer Shaving His Head Minutes Before Appearing On The Tonight Show

"Buzz buzz" was the sound coming out of Armie Hammer's dressing room just minutes before he was set to appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The actor didn't shave his head for any particular role or upcoming part, however. He was just tired of having hair and he found a razor in the dressing room of the talk show. So he said, "Why not?" He also made a point of posting the evidence on social media. Take a look below.

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Hopefully, you said goodbye to Armie Hammer's head of hair as he gleefully applied the razor to his scalp in an effort to rid himself of his pesky 'do. The Instagram post was accompanied with a cheeky comment, where Armie Hammer quipped that everyone "pregames differently" before their appearance with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. It was evident that the Call Me By Your Name actor didn't take the shaving his head too seriously.

It should be noted that Armie Hammer didn't go full Britney Spears and shave his head down to the skin. He's not quite pulling a Lex Luthor and walking around with an entirely bald head. Rather, he's rocking a buzz cut at the moment, and it seems like he finds that more agreeable than his usual locks. Why one would opt for a buzz cut in the dead chill of winter is anyone's guess, but it sounds like Hammer is digging his new 'do and that's all that matters. If he's happy with his results, then that's what important here. Hopefully, it doesn't mess with any upcoming roles that he might currently be attached to in the movie business. That might be an unwelcome surprise for the team.

Check out Armie Hammer's recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where they talked about Hammer's new haircut, below. You can see the full product when it comes to Hammer's spur-of-the-moment buzzcut, which looks pretty good on the big guy -- if I do say so myself.

Granted, Armie Hammer typically keeps his hair pretty straight and short. So, this buzz cut isn't the biggest change in the world. But it is a different look for the actor, and we hope it suits him well as he enters the new year with a short haircut than we're typically used to seeing on The Social Network star.

The actor appeared on the NBC late night talk show to discuss his upcoming film, On the Basis of Sex. The Ruth Bader Ginsburg biopic -- which finds Hammer playing Martin D. Ginsburg, the late husband of the film's subject (played by Felicity Jones) -- hits theaters everywhere starting Christmas Day. Expect to see him with more hair on his head in that particular film. Hammer also recently appeared in this summer's surrealist comedy, Sorry to Bother You.

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