Oops: Golden Globes 2019 Scammer Dupes Celebs Into Giving Him Their Tickets

Golden Globe Awards statue

And the award for best scam of the 2019 Golden Globe Awards goes to ... this dude! No idea what his name is, but he apparently tricked stars like Keegan-Michael Key and Sarah Hyland, among others, into giving him their tickets to W Magazine's pre-Golden Globes party.

Variety's Marc Malkin shared the news -- after admitting he, too, was tricked by the tall white male in a black suit and white shirt who posed as security on Friday in the famous Chateau Marmont hotel. Apparently the party crasher asked guests for their tickets before they went through the lobby to the elevator to the party on the sixth floor. When they got to the party, they were asked for their tickets again. Confused, the party guests said they already gave their tickets to the guy in the lobby.

Well played, trickster. That guy had nothing to do with the party, it seems, and it's not clear what happened to the tickets he took. Variety said W party tix can go for big bucks since it's one of the hardest parties to get into, so he probably sold them to someone. Or kept them as a souvenir? Either way, don't try that yourselves, kids. Like the embarrassing Moonlight/La La Land fiasco at the Oscars, The Powers That Be are not likely to let a slip like this happen again.

Apparently the scam didn't hurt the party vibe too much, and the invited celebs still got in. The star-studded guests included Amy Adams and her Sharp Objects co-star Patricia Clarkson; director Alfonso Cuaron and the cast of Roma; Nicole Kidman Emma Stone, Olivia Colman, Lili Reinhart, Kat Graham, Amandla Stenberg, Michael B. Jordan, Lakeith Stanfield, Kate Beckinsale, Troye Sivan, Andrea Riseborough, Jon Voight, Rachel Bloom, Catherine O'Hara, Richard E. Grant, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Bibb, and Billy Porter apparently wearing a huge black fedora and a black knitted dress.

Inside the party, eager Hollywood Foreignn Press Association members swarmed celebs for selfies. Outside, paparazzi and fans also screamed for photos. It doesn't exactly sound like a good time from here -- I might sell my ticket to that scammer guy, if I had one -- but to each her own.

At any rate, that was a fun start to the Golden Globes weekend for some scammer out there. Tonight (Sunday) is the night, with the Globes honoring the best -- or at least the HFPA's favorites -- in TV and film. This show, unlike the Oscars, not only has a host, it has two: Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Andy Samberg and Killing Eve's Sandra Oh.

Check out the TV and movie nominees for the Golden Globes, and then watch the show tonight (Sunday, January 6) on NBC. Then compare the movie winners to the 91st Academy Awards nominations. Those 2019 Oscar nods will be announced Tuesday, January 22 with the ceremony airing Sunday, Feb. 24, 2019. If you're not into the Golden Globes or the Oscars, here's what else is on TV in early 2019.

Gina Carbone

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