Celebrity Nude Site Sued Over Miley Cyrus Image

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For close to 20 years, Mr. Skin has been the online source of hundreds upon thousands of nudity-related photos and videos-- typically from film and television. Created by Jim McBride, it is a site that's reportedly visited more than nine million times in a given month, and it has only grown more prominent in the new millennium. But it is also the source of controversy, particularly when a few of its photos come from questionable sources. As it turns out, some of the content posted on the site is being legally scrutinized at the moment, with representatives for Miley Cyrus, Nicole Kidman and Better Call Saul's Rhea Seehron taking the adult entertainment site to court over what they feel is a federal lawsuit in the making. Here's what we know.

As it was reported by The Wrap, SK Intertainment, the company which houses Mr. Skin, as well as other nudity-related sites like Egotastic, What Would Tyler Durden Do? (WWTDD), and a few others, is being taken to court over a copyright infringement lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that the company, more specifically Mr. Skin, illegally posted copyrights photos on their site without proper accreditation or use. In particular, a racy photograph of Miley Cyrus dressed in lingerie while being spanked by the Easter Bunny is being taken to task, with the attornies claiming Mr. Skin did not have the right to post it.

The suit was filed in federal court on Wednesday in California. Specifically, Creative Photographers, Inc., a photo agency, and Lickerish, a photographic syndication company, are taking SK Intertainment, particularly Mr. Skin, to court for these legal discrepancies. They claim copyright infringements were made for this particular photo, as well as snapshots of Nicole Kidman, Rhea Seehorn and potentially a few other celebrities. And there might be the possibility that when this case is presented before the court, they might find other photos under their copyright have also been used on the adult site.

Since this matter is an ongoing legal dispute, the details will be forthcoming. It's hard to know how things will shake up, but there is a chance that the well-visited site Mr. Skin might soon be coughing up a good bit of dough-- if they can't defend the use of these photographs on their nudity-based site.

Mr. Skin has become well-known over the years not only through its popularity online but through its presence in the popular 2007 comedy Knocked Up. In the legal case, the photo company brings up the trademark company's appearance in the Judd Apatow flick, basically claiming that they should know better at this point as a highly-viewed website and that Mr. Skin potentially ignored the copyright laws for their own professional benefit.

In any case, this legal matter with Mr. Skin will continue in the months to come, and we will keep you posted on the details whenever they arrive.

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