Celine Dion Isn't Here For Body Shamers

Celine Dion - Deadpool Music Video

Celine Dion doesn't want to hear your criticisms. When people claim that she's "lost too much weight" or that she's "too skinny," you should know that the musician does not care to know what you think about her body and appearance. Now, in an interview, Dion addressed these concerns by saying:

If I like it, I don't want to talk about it. Don't bother. Don't take a picture. I'm doing this for me. I want to feel strong, beautiful, feminine and sexy.

The quote came during Celine Dion's recent appearance on the podcast, The Dan Wootton Interview. The famed singer certainly had a lot to discuss, as the podcast conversation also found Dion talking about turning 50, her upcoming Hyde Park performance, and dealing with the grief of her lost husband. But she also took a moment to talk about the people who think she's too thin, and she wants them to know that she doesn't care what they have to say. She doesn't want to hear their negative criticisms about her appearance, and she doesn't appreciate the comments about her looks.

According to the podcast conversation, Celine Dion is currently at a point in her life where she is adopting different styles, and seeing what makes her feel the most confident. And she's adjusting her appearance for herself. Dion makes it perfectly clear that she doesn't need to know what you think about it -- especially if you're a stranger. Celine Dion is going to continue to be Celine Dion. And if you like it, that's fine. But if you don't, kindly keep it to yourself.

This development comes out at a fascinating time in Celine Dion's life. As it was reported by Deadline, Dion is going to be the subject of her own biopic, The Power of Love, which is considered an "ambitious" telling of Dion's life story from director Valérie Lemercier. It will reportedly tell the singer's story from the 1960s until modern day, and it will be exploring the relationship the musician shared with her late husband and manager, René Angélil. While it's a bit surprising to hear that a biopic about Dion is already in the works, there's no denying her immense fame, celebrity and fortune.

There is clearly a lot going on in Celine Dion's life at the moment, and she's still grieving from the loss of her husband and manager while her son is turning 18 years old. Despite so much changing,  Celine Dion is going to continue doing what she wants to do, including adjusting her appearance at her own pleasure. If you have any criticisms about the way she looks, you're better off keeping them to yourself. Because the legendary singer isn't welcoming them.

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