Jennifer Lopez Shares Adorable Anniversary Post For Alex Rodriguez

On Super Bowl Sunday, it was (possibly) a time of celebration -- depending on what team you were rooting for. But for Jennifer Lopez, it didn't really matter if the Rams or the Patriots took home the silver trophy. She was already celebrating, because it was the two year anniversary of her relationship with Alex Rodriguez, and the actress/pop superstar is very happy to have the athlete in her life. In an anniversary post, JLo shared her love of A-Rod.

SCREENSHOT - Jennifer Lopez Instagram

As Jennifer Lopez recounts in the loving and sentimental Instagram post, she has shared many warm adventures, plenty of laughs, a lot of growth and learning, and has been blessed to have Alex Rodriguez's friendship throughout their years as a romantic item. They both have been in well-known relationships in the past, and it hasn't always worked out for them -- to say the least. Only time will know what the future brings for Rodriguez and JLo, but it's safe to say that they both appreciate each other's company in the present, and we hope that isn't something that's set to change anytime soon.

Even during difficult times, Jennifer Lopez claims Alex Rodriguez makes the world a more "beautiful, safe and stable place." They have a partnership that allows them to know and understand one another, and that's certainly a great blessing for any couple to share in this world -- but especially now.

Granted, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have never been particularly shy about voicing their warm affections for each other -- especially during interviews. They have made it clear that they hold each other in great esteem, and they have a lot of mutual respect and admiration for each other. But it doesn't sound like marriage is something either of them are looking to explore anytime soon. The topic has been discussed, certainly, but it sounds like they have a good thing in their lives right now, and they don't want to change that. After all, why tamper with what works?

Jennifer Lopez certainly hopes this most recent anniversary is just one of many that's in store for the celebrity couple, and she's happy to have him by her side as she celebrates their second-year anniversary together. Though she has been at the center of media firestorms related to her relationships in the past, her romantic relationship with Alex Rodriguez is mostly kept outside the public eye as much as JLo can help it. But when it comes to their new anniversary, she wanted the world to know that she loves her man and she's certainly grateful to have him in her always hectic and extremely busy life.

Happy Anniversary, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez! We hope it was a spectacular day. We'll continue to keep you posted on any additional details that might arise between these smitten celebrities, and we'll be sure to let you know if their stance on marriage is subject to change anytime soon too.

Will Ashton

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