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Piers Morgan / Ariana Grande "Problem" Music Video

There are no shortage of celebrity clashes in the entertainment business. In such a cutthroat world, there will always be knives out and celebrities looking to take each other down. That's how we get so many feuds in Hollywood. You don't go into the entertainment business with the desire to make friends and help everyone in their respective life journeys. Everyone is looking out for themselves -- whether they want to or not. While it sounds odd on paper, one of the many, many feuds in the entertainment business was found between Ariana Grande and Piers Morgan. But these two celebs want the world to know their feuding days are done. On social media, the stars let their followers know that they are friends now.

The emotional healing was announced by Piers Morgan on Twitter. The America's Got Talent television personality wanted everyone to know that the hatchet between Ariana Grande and himself is buried. To prove it, he posted a selfie alongside Grande where they were being playful posing with a pair of ducky lips. Morgan claims that not only did they put aside their differences, but they also "laughed," "argued," and "bonded" during their time in the L.A. restaurant together. After this heart-to-heart occurred, they learned to stop feuding, according to Morgan, and become friends. Take a look below.

As Piers Morgan explains in the tweet, he "bumped" into Ariana Grande at a restaurant and that prompted a conversation between the two. It sounds like it wasn't a planned occurrence, but it happened anyway. When they started to chat with each other, their discussion went on for two hours, by Morgan's admission, and the drinks began to "flow" and the conversation became more and more personal. He claims that Grande cried during their chat, and he says he "nearly" teared up as well. Whatever they talked about during their time together, it clearly got to the heart of both of these celebs.

As for the feud itself, it began a few months earlier when Piers Morgan made some dismissive comments about the U.K. girl group Little Mix, and how they and Grande used nudity to "sell albums." Morgan also made rude comments to Ariana Grande's mother as she responded to the controversy. The television personality and the musician went back-and-forth on the social media forum, sparking some ill-will between them in the process. But they have learned to let their issues with each other go, according to Morgan himself. And while it was a bumpy road, they have found themselves striking up a bit of a friendship together.

When you have worked up a bitter relationship with someone else, it can be hard to put aside your differences and learn to respect the other person again. While Piers Morgan and Ariana Grande don't see eye-to-eye on a lot of different things in life, they have worked past their problems with each other and found a bond during their time in that restaurant together. Who knows how long their tender feelings will last, but for the time being, they have found a way to make peace with their difficulties with each other and began the process of healing their divide. That's not common in this biz.