Jack Black Attempted To Do Chris Hemsworth's Intense Workout, And There's Hilarious Video

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Like many people, Jack Black wants to look like Chris Hemsworth. The Australian actor's physical appearance wasn't conjured up overnight, though. The Thor actor had to go through a rigorous workout to make it happen; his body doesn't naturally look the way it looks. Not everything is as simple as it seems in the comic book movies, you see. But Jack Black wasn't deterred. The actor/musician wanted to give the intensive workout a spin. Suffice to say, it didn't exactly, ahem, work out.

Thankfully, while Jack Black might not be flexing the same chiseled muscles Chris Hemsworth sports just yet, you can get a couple crunches in when you find yourself bent over laughing at the video provided by the Tenacious D frontman. Take a look at Jack Black's workout process, provided by his Instagram account.

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As seen in the Instagram video, Jack Black splits the screen between his workout and the one done by Chris Hemsworth. While they are doing similar activities, Hemsworth's workouts are a little more intensive and demanding than the ones done by Jack Black in this particular instance. The School of Rock actor is pushing what appears to be 5 lb dumbbells, while the God of Thunder is pushing at least 40. It is safe to call Thor's hammers a little mightier than the ones in Black's hands.

But as it was noted above, it takes a lot of hard work to look like Chris Hemsworth. You have to climb a mountain -- not a mole hill -- to look the way he does. And it doesn't come easily. It will take many more workouts, a great deal of sweat and tears, and a lot more time to reach the physical heights of one Chris Hemsworth. And it's clear from this humorous workout video that Jack Black has the energy and enthusiasm to pull it off. There's no need to sell him short on his path to glory.

Nevertheless, Jack Black is giving it everything he's got. And while he might not have instant physical results, he was able to earn a few laughs in the process. That's gotta be worth something.

It's unnclear if this workout is related to this forthcoming film or not, as Jack Black is currently gearing up to shoot the upcoming sequel to 2017's surprise hit Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Also, he was previously seen in last year's The House With A Clock on Its Walls and he recently gave an exceptional performance in Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot.

Additionally, as an actor and musician, Jack Black was most recently on tour with his good friend and long-time band buddy Kyle Gass this past fall to promote the latest Tenacious D album and web-series, entitled Tenacious D: Post-Apocalypto. He also launched his own YouTube gaming channel, which earned a milestone.

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