The Jonas Brothers' New Video Features Roles For Their Spouses

Jonas Brothers + Wives - "Sucker" Music Video

Have you heard the news? The Jonas Brothers are back. While Nick Jonas hasn't exactly left the public spectacle in recent years, the once-teenage sibling musicians haven't been a musical group since October 2013. And many people assumed the days of celebrating the "Year 3000" were done for good. But that wasn't the case. While they're older now and they've got other responsibilities, the group hasn't given up on their musical ambitions. In a surprise turn of events, the musicians reunited (if, you know, close-knit brothers can reunite in a technical sense) and released a new music video. And they added a fun surprise to the mix: their wives.

The new song is called "Sucker," and it's the first one they've released in six years. It's not merely a new song; it's a public reintroduction, at least as far as the group is concerned. So they couldn't make any old video, they had to release something special. And in doing so, they got a few cameos from a few familiar faces for the musicians. Specifically, Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas' wife; Danielle Jonas, Kevin's wife; and Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas', well, soon-to-be wife. Check out the video.

The already well-viewed music video, directed by Anthony Mandler, finds the Jonas Brothers together again and living it up in a lush mansion. But they aren't merely by themselves; they are joined by the women mentioned above, and it introduces a new, matured and settled-down Jonas Brothers. They are all in their 20s now, at least, and they are no longer the squeaky clean-faced boys they were before. They're well into manhood now, and they were previously separated to divorce themselves from the Disney images they once held and to live their own lives. But they're back together again, and they have certainly created quite a splash online.

Cameos certainly have a long history in music videos. It doesn't take a long amount of time to film them, relatively speaking, and it can be pretty easy for a high-profile musician or band to get a celebrity for a day or two to film your highly-anticipated music video. Sure enough, while Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra are busy women, they found the time to join their hubbies (or soon-to-be hubby) and help them in their new effort to rekindle their former music flame. For some fans, this return was a long-time coming. For some, it was a complete surprise. No matter how you feel, they are back. And whether they are back for good or not, they are certainly not alone. They've got ladies by their side now.

We will keep you posted on further developments with this reintroduction from the Jonas Brothers. More developments are expected. Meanwhile, when it comes to the latest news in film, television, pop culture, celebrity culture and a whole lot more info, you can always be sure to check back with us right here at CinemaBlend.

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