Spider-Man's Tom Holland And Jacob Batalon Prove They're Not Real Superheroes In Hotel Crisis

Jacob Batalon, Tom Holland - Spider-Man: Homecoming

In the movies (and the comics), Spider-Man is often the one who is helping others in times of peril. The amazing web-slinger is typically the guy trying to put out fires around the neighborhood — both literal and metaphorical. But in real life, Tom Holland is just an actor. And while the superhero star has proven himself to be a good Spidey during his limited time in the suit, he isn't exactly saving the day in real-life. At least, not yet. And that was made apparent when Holland and fellow Spider-Man: Homecoming actor Jacob Batalon found themselves in a hotel fire alarm crisis, with little know-how regarding how they should handle the situation.

Thankfully, neither Jacob Batalon nor Tom Holland were hurt or placed in serious or life-threatening danger during this hotel scare. But they did find themselves in a moment of panic, as seen in a video recorded by Holland. The humorous footage was put on Instagram and the actor showed everyone that, when push came to shove, Holland's spider senses were not exactly tingling. Watch the video below.

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The Instagram video finds Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon in a moment of crisis, as they are frantically running up-and-down the hallways of their hotel while the alarm is blaring above their heads. They try to figure out the proper exit, but they are at a loss. They don't exactly know what they are supposed to do, and they flounder around in the short video, trying to figure out where exactly they need to go in order to avoid any potential danger. Suffice to say, they eventually figured it out.

Well, hopefully they did. Jacob Batalon cheekily replied to Tom Holland's post with "Status update: we didn’t make it." But unless he wrote that from beyond the grave, they made it. Considering the video was posted online and there are no death reports from Holland tragically floating around on the web (you see what I did there?), one would predict that everything is okay for the actors, and they were just in a brief spell of panic during this scary ordeal. It sounds like Holland was amused by this whole situation, and the movie star wanted to provide some lighthearted amusement for his followers at his own expense (and the expense of Batalon).

Thanks to high-end special effects and the marvelous magic of the movies, Tom Holland is often shown as the hero who swings away and saves the day on the big screen. But as he proves in this video, sometimes those heroics don't translate into real-life, and he and his fellow actor Jacob Batalon need some help during their own moments of peril. Thankfully, nobody in this video was placed in serious danger, as far as we can tell, and it hopefully sounds like Tom Holland will still be around to make movies about fighting dangers and dastardly foes. Including in this summer's upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home, which webs its way into theaters on July 5th. But in the meantime, this video is a good reminder that Tom Holland is a mere mortal. Yes, even Spider-Man might need need help from others.

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