Tom Holland Teases Marvel Fans About Spider-Man's Fate


Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Infinity War.

One of the biggest hurdles Marvel will have to face over the next year is not keeping up the hype for Avengers 4, or simply waiting too long to reveal the film's name. Instead it will be marketing the movies that come after Avengers 4, and risk giving away what happened to the characters after the grand conclusion. The most immediate obstacle is Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 (not the official title), which comes out a few short months after Avengers 4. Marvel might be stressing over it, but Tom Holland sure isn't. The actor is having a bit of fun with his fans on social media over what comes next for his character.

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Over on Twitter, Tom Holland and director J.A. Bayona are having some fun with an tweet thread. After an article revealed Tom Holland knew the plot of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom before even Chris Pratt, Bayona jokingly wrote on Twitter that Holland was supposed to keep that a secret. Holland, who infamously isn't trusted by Marvel with spoilers, wrote back that there's a reason no one ever tells him anything. Then Bayona replied that he would make sure not to say anything about Spider-Man: Homecoming's sequel, to which Holland replied that Bayona must not have seen the ending of Avengers: Infinity War.

It's not the first time that Holland has had a good laugh over Spider-Man's fate, and dust memes have certainly taken off on the internet since Infinity War came out. However, this does raise the interesting point of how exactly Marvel and Sony are supposed to market a Spider-Man sequel without tipping a hat to how the character presumably comes back to life. There's also the fact that any marketing would let fans know that Spider-Man will be alright, which does run the risk of removing the stakes from Avengers 4.

On the other hand, people have already assumed that everyone is coming back to life in Avengers 4, so is it really that big a deal to market the Spider-Man sequel?

The Spider-Man sequel is supposed to take place right after Avengers 4, so here's hoping nothing gets spoiled in the trailers for how the final Phase 3 movie ends. The trailers for Sony's Venom have been disappointing, so we'll just have to wait and see how that all works out.

In any case, there is a Spider-Man 2 happening, with Tom Holland set to reprise his role and Jake Gyllenhaal being courted to play the long-awaited Mysterio. The movie is currently set for release on July 5, 2019.

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