Ariana Grande Was Paid Twice As Much As Beyonce For Coachella? Not So Fast

Beyonce Knowles - Homecoming Netflix

The Internet is full of rumors — particularly when it comes to celebrities. And especially when it comes to money. This past week, it was speculated that Ariana Grande was paid more than Beyonce Knowles for Coachella 2019 performances. Turns out, that might not be entirely accurate. As it was recently revealed, Ariana Grande was paid the same amount her fellow music celebrity to perform at the famous music festival, and the people who were saying Grande was given a penny more than Beyonce weren't telling the full truth. Here's what we know.

According to The Blast, there were rumors going around the web this past week claiming that Ariana Grande was paid $8 million to perform at 2019 Coachella Festival. That would be twice as much as Beyonce Knowles reportedly got to perform, as she was given $4 million to appear on the world-famous stage.

As it turns out, though, Beyonce was given $4 million for each performance, which is the same as what Grande was given. The music artist got $4 million for the first weekend and then another $4 million for the second weekend. Therefore, according to these sources, Beyonce and Ariana Grande were given the same payday, and the structure of their contracts were also said to be the same as well.

Qhile Beyonce Knowles wasn't at Coachella this year, she definitely made an impression. The ever-evolving artist debuted her new concert film, Homecoming, on Netflix last week. She also directed the streaming film. Furthermore, the musical artist released a new live album. Clearly, Beyonce likes to keep herself busy. While the musician wasn't burning up the spotlight at Coachella like she did in 2018, she still drew a whole lot of attention onto herself.

Ariana Grande also drew quite-a-bit of notice at Coachella, as you wold expect. Though it wasn't merely for her payday and her appearance. Rather, it was for the surprise cameo she snuck in as well. Justin Bieber surprised the crowd during the festival concert by performing a duet with the fellow pop musician, and that unexpected cameo certainly became a point of interest, both at the big festival itself and online — as you'd likely expect.

Beyonce Knowles is not an easy woman to upstage. And clearly, if anyone even attempts to or reportedly does (or thinks about it, or even jokes about the possibility), the said person receives the ire of the Beyhive, as other celebrities have learned over the years. Nevertheless, Beyonce Knowles was not undercut by Ariana Grande, according to these updated reports.

While you might've heard otherwise, it sounds like there was some serious miscommunication. The reports were only telling a half-truth when they claimed that Ariana Grande made $8 million opposed to Beyonce's $4 million. Now that the matter is cleared up, music fans will have to wait and see who will be making an appearance at next year's much-anticipated Coachella.

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