Let’s just be honest. An overwhelming majority of the time, we don’t really think about who wrote the screenplay or who wrote the novel the screenplay was based off when we go to see a movie. If they’re not also a director, actor or beloved classic author, the scribes may as well be the boom microphone operators to most people. Their names just don’t have enough appeal to drive theater traffic, but there are a few exceptions and John Green is hoping to add his name to that list. He wrote the novel version of The Fault In Our Stars, and he is reason enough to go see this movie.

If you’re under the age of forty and are even casually active on the Internet, chances are you’ve heard Green’s name somewhere, in some context, but there’s a good chance it may not have stuck. You may not have come to the split second realization in the moment that his name was worth remembering, but I can assure you it absolutely is. I’m here to tell you why.

In addition to churning out The Fault In Our Stars back in 2012, he has put his stamp on a number of bestselling books, a number of beloved Internet shows and even a widely attended convention. He is a jack of all trades with his hands in a number of delicious cookie jars. So, let’s dive in and start talking about them.

Here are 5 fascinating things about The Fault In Our Stars author John Green…

He Hosts Mental Floss
You know all those addictive, professional-looking YouTube shows that churn out scientific and/ or historical facts? There’s V Sauce, ASAP Science, and, of course, Mental Floss. Well, Green is actually the host of that latest program. Judging by the insane numbers each episode puts up (many over 1,000,000 views), there’s a good chance you’ve actually seen one of them too.

Each week, Green (and the writers) churn out a list focusing on the little known backstories and facts about historical figures, everyday items and pretty much anything else imaginable. They’ve tested life hacks to see if they really work. They’ve gotten boozy with histories of beloved cocktails, and throughout it all, Green has added enough charm and humor to elevate the somewhat dry material into a delightful must watch. You can check out a sample video below…

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