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Going up and down the stairs for a puppy is a lot like riding a bike for a kid. Initially, the process seems a little daunting, but with some help and a willingness to try, anyone can get the hang of it. That’s what this eight-week-old puppy learned last month with an assist from her adopted puppy brother.

After climbing up the stairs without thinking about it in a moment of excitement, she couldn’t quite figure out how to get back down; so, lab mix Simon stepped in like a good older sibling and showed her step-by-step, over-and-over again how to make it down. Go ahead and take a look at the adorable footage below…

It’s really impressive how patient he is with her. He clearly understands exactly what’s going on and realizes she needs a helping paw from her big brother rather than a helping hand from her owner. His little plan works too, though it’s unclear whether she’s going to need help again the next time she tries stairs. Sometimes dogs (and kids) need more than just one loving push.

Here’s to hoping these two dogs get along this well for the rest of their long lives together.