Alec Baldwin Offers Story Of How He First Met Hilaria Thomas

Alec Baldwin might be full of great quips when he plays Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock, but in real life, he’s not always quite that smooth. Just a day after wedding Hilaria Thomas, a beautiful, twenty-eight-year-old yoga instructor, the actor reminisced about the first time he met her and his lack of an exciting pick-up line. She was apparently standing with some friends at Pure Food and Wine when he noticed her and decided he needed to approach. Without any idea of what to say, he simply walked up and blurted, “I must know you.” After some light chit-chat, he handed her his business card and went on his way.

She called a few days later, a first date was arranged and within weeks, they were seeing where it might lead. Luckily for both, the chemistry was there and remained there when they exchanged I-Do’s this weekend. The whole backstory was laid out this morning in the New York Times wedding announcement, and apart from two brief references to Baldwin’s failed marriage to Kim Basinger, the feature focused entirely on the positives and offered fans a few random facts about the newly married couple. Here’s my favorite: she’s never owned a television.

Raised partially in Boston and partially in Spain, the new Mrs. Baldwin apparently isn’t overly excited about keeping up with the popular culture, though it’s unclear whether that might change given she just married a network television star.

Pop Blend’s congratulations go out to Baldwin and Thomas.

Mack Rawden
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