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Amanda Bynes: Are You Surprised By Her DUI?

There are celebrities you expect to have brushes with the law and celebrities you expect to go about their lives quietly. Ordinarily, aging former child stars fall into the former category. After all, Hollywood is littered with scores of celebrities who vaulted from teen idols into reckless adults. Amanda Bynes however was always an exception. She had her own show on Nickelodeon by thirteen, was starring in relatively popular movies by eighteen and achieved that success without many tabloid rumors or drunken and disorderly whispers.

Unfortunately, this morning threw a bit of a wrench into that positive image. Bynes ran into a cop car at about 3 AM, was pulled over and later taken to the station and charged with driving under the influence. The twenty-six-year-old was bailed out for just five thousand dollars, but the resulting fallout could well cost her far more money in legal fees and missed opportunities. Bynes is yet to explain what might have happened, but stories have begun emerging of her drinking heavily lately and reportedly even driving off after getting pulled over by another cop a few weeks ago. Those rumors, of course, cannot be verified at this time, but if they’re true, they paint a rather disconcerting image.

I’m very shocked by this DUI arrest. I never thought of Bynes as being a woman out of control, and while a DUI isn’t exactly a murder, it’s still a foolish and inconsiderate act. What about you? Are you surprised the former teen star has gotten into trouble with the law, or did you see this coming? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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