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Jay-Z and his lovely wife Beyonce hit up an elegant restaurant in Havana, Cuba last night as part of a trip to celebrate the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary. The two were accompanied by their mothers and by all accounts, they all had an extremely lovely evening together filled with good food, good laughter and pictures with adoring fans.

With a baby now in the fold, the couple certainly seem like the picture of stability. In fact, while other pairs are constantly beset by possible break-up rumors, almost no negative whispers ever seem to come their way. The two are like their generation’s Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, and they truly seem to be in it for the long haul.

Unfortunately, they also are members of the showbiz crowd, and as we’ve all sadly found out in the past, even the greatest couples don’t always see it through. Making it a lifetime truly is a difficult fight requiring constant work and a steady stream of love.

I want to think Jay-Z and Beyonce will make it until death do them part. I want to smile on their fiftieth wedding anniversary, but I’m not sure I would bet a large sum of money on it. What do you think? Will these two last? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Will Beyonce And Jay-Z Make It?

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