Buckwild Star Salwa Amin Arrested After Drug Raid

Over the years, the cast members of Jersey Shore had quite a few brushes with the law during their time on the air. From fighting to dancing in the middle of traffic, they were no strangers to drunken shenanigans, but in the matter of just a few months, their replacements on Buckwild have already one-upped them thanks to an extremely serious drug arrest.

According to TMZ, reality starlet Salwa Amin was arrested along with two men in Summersville, West Virginia after a drug raid. Officers on a stakeout reportedly observed numerous parties arriving and departing a short time later from a local home, or more specifically, engaging in overt drug buying behavior. They obtained a search warrant and upon arrival, they reportedly discovered heroin, Oxycodone, a large amount of money and three people hiding in a shed in the back of the property.

MTV has shown a willingness to stand behind its reality stars through minor brushes with the law, but it’s unclear whether producers will want to continue a relationship with someone arrested for offenses this serious. Executives at the network haven’t commented publically since the arrest, but one would imagine meetings are going down behind closed doors.

The owner of the house reportedly told authorities Salwa and the other male were using his property to sell drugs, but it’s unclear whether he was simply saying that to help himself out of a jam or whether that’s what actually happened.

Salwa reportedly posted a $200,000 bond this morning. We’ll keep you updated.

Mack Rawden
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