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Carrie Underwood Joins The Rolling Stones Onstage In Toronto

The Rolling Stones are on the road and midway through the band’s “50 And Counting” Tour, which is celebrating the 50 years the veteran band members have spent onstage and in the studio together. That’s a pretty special anniversary that equates to a pretty expensive tour, but those who were able to shell out a pretty penny for this weekend’s Toronto tour date were privy to a pretty big surprise. Carrie Underwood hopped onstage to perform with the Rolling Stones as the Toronto Air Canada Centre gig’s special guest.

You can catch Underwood performing "It's Only Rock n' Roll (But I Like It)," in the video above, and while Jagger and Underwood’s performance styles and vocals don’t totally mesh, the two both seem to be having a lot of fun onstage. Underwood was actually so stoked about the performance that she broke the new via Twitter earlier in the day.

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As noted by the Huffington Post, Underwood isn’t the first famous name to join the band on its “50 and Counting” tour, although she is the only American Idol winner to take the stage with the Stones. Additionally, Dave Grohl, Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, and more have joined the gang on tour over the last month. The Rolling Stones has several more tour dates scheduled into June, with the group's next stop planned for Chicago, IL.

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