Kanye West doesn’t do little. He doesn’t do understated, humble or non-descript. Unless there’s a camera strap looped around your neck and a paparazzi business card in your wallet, he probably wants your head to turn when he walks past and your conversation to center around him after he leaves. Consequently, it should surprise not a single man, woman or child on Earth that the ring he bought for new fiancée Kim Kardashian appears to be the size of an above-average marble.

Seriously, look at how much that sparkler juts out. It’s as visually eye-catching as Kim’s rather large bottom half. People walking past her are now going to have no idea where to look. It’s going to be mass confusion.

The proposal happened last night in San Francisco. According to E! Online, Kanye rented out AT&T Park, the stadium that typically plays home to the Giants. He then invented many of the starlet’s family and friends and rented out a 50-piece orchestra who played “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey, as well as “Knock You Down” by Keri Hilson, Ne-Yo and Kanye himself. Like the ring, it was big, splashy and eye-catching.

With baby North West and a few years of memories behind them, Kanye and Kim are getting closer and closer to being a comfortable, stable and long-term family every single day. This ring pushes them further in that direction and ideally, will set up the celebrity wedding to end all weddings. Seriously, this impending extravaganza, if done in typically Kardashian/ West fashion, should be the single biggest celebrity gossip event since Prince William and Kate Middleton wed in front of a billion people.

Pop Blend’s sincerest congrats go out to Kim and Kanye during this exciting time. Here’s to hoping they find a lifetime of happiness, and she never ever mistakenly drops that big honking bling down the garbage disposal.

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