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Since their infamous nightclub brawl that left numerous people injured and WIP briefly closed and absent a liquor license, Drake and Chris Brown have avoided going after each other in court, apparently both content to let the matter slowly drift away. Unfortunately, a new lawsuit has ended their unspoken truce, and now, the gloves have come off and litigious right crosses have been fired.

According to TMZ, French model Romain Julien filed a lawsuit against WIP, Brown and Drake over injuries he allegedly suffered after all hell broke loose. Executives at WIP have previously said Drake and Brown should pay for the mess they caused, and now, attorneys for the two musicians have filed paperwork pointing the finger at the other party. Each feels the other man was more at fault for what happened and therefore should pay any lawsuits that have come from the scary incident.

It’s no surprise Drake and Brown have decided to lay blame at each other's feet over what happened, but if tensions in this case get a little heated, the two of them could potentially wind up suing each other for their personal injuries, which would be an answer to tabloid prayers around the world.

We’ll keep you updated on Julien’s case as it winds its way through the court system. Until then, try to get out of VIP sections as quickly as possible if bottles start flying.

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