Is Justin Bieber Turning Into A Lowlife?

Earlier tonight, Justin Bieber hit up a club in London to celebrate his nineteenth birthday. The singer was seriously pumped about the party at Cirque du Soir and talked it up for weeks ahead of time. Unfortunately, the actual night didn’t go nearly as well as he imagined. Members of the pop star’s entourage got into a confrontation with members of the club’s security team a few hours after they arrived, and all involved were either kicked out or they chose to leave.

According to E!, the specifics of what happened aren’t publically known as of yet beyond the time frame and the fact that a confrontation happened, but the Biebs has made it clear that he’s really pissed off about what happened. Here’s what he tweeted after he returned to his hotel room…

”Worst birthday”

Over the past few months, Bieber has been caught smoking pot, several of his friends have been pulled over for driving recklessly in his car, he broke up with longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez and now, either he, his friends or both started such hell inside a club that they had to cut his birthday short. Any one or even two of those behaviors could easily be laughed off for a nineteen-year-old, but taken together in such a short amount of time, it has many wondering whether the Biebs is turning into a bit of a scumbag.

What do you think? Is Justin still generally a good guy or is he turning into a bit of a d-bag? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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