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Corey Feldman: Corey Haim And I Were Both Molested As Child Actors

The lives of Corey Feldman and Corey Haim might have seemed glamorous to many on the outside looking in during the height of their fame in the mid to late 1980s, but from the inside looking out, it was apparently a miserable, hellish existence. Both child stars were reportedly molested by multiple older men, and each developed serious hard drug addictions that took a toll on their wallets and their careers.

All of the above reveals and a whole lot more are coming to light thanks to a memoir written by Feldman entitled Coreyography. To hype the book, the Goonies star released some transcripts to The New York Post, and most of them are double take shocking.

Feldman grew up the son of a Playboy model and a musician from the band Strawberry Alarm Clock. By the age of seven, he was the family’s primary source of income, and his mother allegedly forced diet pills down his throat on a regular basis. She also reportedly made him dye his hair blonde and refused to let him ride a bike out of fear he’d hurt himself and lose the ability to work.

During his teenage years, Feldman was reportedly being molested by a personal assistant his father hired. Later, he bonded with Haim when the actors discovered they shared traumatic histories of abuse. For the rest of their lives, the two actors ebbed and flowed in terms of closeness, both operating as the perfect shoulder and sounding board and sometimes pushing each other toward the wrong types of behaviors or the wrong people. In one photograph taken during Feldman’s fifteenth birthday party, the actor claims he and the other Corey are surrounded by a large group of men, five of whom turned out to be pedophiles.

Sadly, Haim was never able to completely get over all of the emotional issues that caused him to turn to drugs. He passed away a few years back, but Feldman has been free and clear of hard drugs for years. He’s still acting regularly in horror movies, and there’s every reason to believe he’s got a lot of good years ahead.

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