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Dean McDermott Mistakenly Tweets Picture Of Tori Spelling Topless

Listen up, men. If you’re ever looking for a good way to end up on the couch for a few nights, just follow the example of Dean McDermott. The reality star and husband of Tori Spelling was on Twitter last night trying to send his followers a picture of his four year old son Liam. Unfortunately, what he ended up sending was a picture of his four year old son Liam and a picture of his wife topless. Poor Tori was laying down in the background without the slightest idea she was about to put on a peep show.

After the family photo went live, Dean was hit with a slew of @ messages informing him of the mistake, and he deleted the evidence. The cover-up wasn’t quick enough though, and the picture has been making its way around the internet as fast as any other celebrity nipple slip. I actually feel a bit bad about this one. When a famous woman wears a skimpy outfit and her boob falls out, that’s shame on her, but when her husband accidentally bares the goods without her knowledge, that’s just a sad, slightly funny and argument-inducing mistake.

Still, I assume some you would like to see it; so, I’ll provide you with a link to the photo in question. It’s obviously NSFW, and it can be found at WWTDD.

Here’s to hoping Tori and Dean can laugh about this exposure sooner rather than later.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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