Following Lindsay Lohan’s car crash last weekend, it seemed like the facts of the case were remarkably clear, but in the days since, pretty much everyone involved has begun disagreeing over even the most basic specifics, first and foremost whether the Mean Girls actress was even driving.

Nearly all of the major outlets initially reported Lohan was the one behind the wheel, but according to TMZ, she supposedly told the cops it was her assistant who was driving. Unfortunately, her assistant reportedly pointed the finger at her, and if true, it could potentially spell huge problems for the actress. As a woman currently on parole, even minor violations could send her to jail, and lying to authorities about a car accident, even if no one was hurt, would most definitely qualify as a violation.

Witnesses to the crash are supposedly saying both Lohan and her assistant emerged from the passenger side of the vehicle. If that’s the case and the two girls really did give conflicting stories, this will turn into a he-said-she-said situation, leaving cops to sort through the mess.

A car accident in which no one was drinking seems like a profoundly stupid reason to send someone to jail, but if everything goes wrong for Lohan here, that could very well happen. What do you think? If Lindsay lied to authorities about the car accident, should she have her probation revoked and be sent to jail? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below….

If Lindsay Lohan Lied, Should She Go To Jail?

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