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Do You Think Farrah Abraham Really Masturbates To Her Own Sex Tape?

Farrah Abraham’s mother threw her out of the house over her decision to film a sex tape. Given the reserve most people take on when they become parents and the respect most people have for their own parents, you would think she would have taken pause, but somehow, the whole brouhaha seems to have made her even more pleased with herself. In fact, during an interview with Howard Stern this week, the former Teen Mom star admitted she’s so turned on by her sex tape that she actually masturbates to it.

Covering a wide range of topics including whether or not she courts press (she claims no), Abraham was asked what makes her excited, and she responded by talking about her own tape. If true, that’s some combination of hilarious and deliciously perverted, but, of course, that’s a pretty damn big if. Given she gets a share of the pornography sales and she clearly wants to sound as sexually adventurous and cocky as possible, it wouldn’t be a shock if she just made up the whole thing. Howard Stern might be known for coaxing frank conversations out of his guests, but he’s not really a gotcha journalist.

What do you think? Does Abraham really masturbate to her own porno? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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