Does Justin Bieber Need New Friends?

Earlier today, one of Justin Bieber’s buddies was pulled over while driving the singer’s white Ferrari. He was reportedly cited for making an illegal u-turn and sent on his way. The incident, while minor, marked the third time in the last two months one of the pop star’s new friends was pulled over driving his car.

Looked at in a vacuum, those vehicular foul-ups could be laughed off, but unfortunately, they’ve come in the midst of other personal problems in the Biebs’ life. Over the past few months, he’s been caught smoking pot on two separate occasions, he’s split from longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez and earlier today, a rumor even emerged that some of the Biebs’ new friends and perhaps even the pop star himself been drinking Codeine during parties.

Given all of the above problems, many have begun wondering whether Bieber needs to start hanging out with a different crowd. For his first four or five years of fame, he almost completely avoided even the slightest bits of controversy, but lately, it’s been the exact opposite. Maybe it’s a natural byproduct of growing up. Then again, maybe everyone should simply chill out since smoking a little pot and getting tickets aren’t exactly felonies.

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