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For all of Rahm Emanuel’s successes during his first year as Chicago mayor, violent crime is still on the rise within the city. Never was that sad fact more clear than on Thursday when thirteen people were shot in a six hour stretch. One of those victims was Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade’s nephew. He was wounded along with five others at a convenience store on the South Side around 6 PM after a group of hooded men entered the store and began firing.

Whether or not the victims had any connection to the attackers or what the motivation for the assault might have been is still unclear, but according to ESPN, Wade’s nephew is expected to make a full recovery. He remains in the hospital but hopefully will be released after recovering from surgery.

Shootings are depressing regardless of who the victim is, but sometimes it takes someone with a famous connection to truly shine a light on the problem. More than one hundred people have been shot to death in Chicago since New Year’s Day. That sad figure will continue to rise, but hopefully, with some new measures put in place, it’ll rise a lot more slowly.

Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to the entire Wade family, as well as the other victims and those closest to them.

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