Eric Johnson Accused Of Cheating On Jessica Simpson With Ex-Wife

Eric Johnson left his wife in October of 2009, started dating Jessica Simpson in May of 2010 and got engaged to the combination singer, actress and reality star about six months later. At least that’s how the official story goes, but if new reports are to be believed, there may have been quite a bit of overlap between the two women.

Several friends of Eric’s ex-wife Keri told Star Magazine that while the former San Francisco 49er was first beginning his relationship with Simpson, he was telling his wife he wanted to work on their marriage and get back together. Consequently, he was allegedly sleeping with both women for an extended period of time and lying through his teeth about it. Here’s what one of the pals told the outlet…

”She needs to think twice before marrying him. He’s already cheated on her once — he’ll most likely do it again.”

Once upon a time, everyone thought Simpson was going to stroll off into a fairy tale sunset with her husband Nick Lachey. Unfortunately, that perfect scenario didn’t happen. After their divorce, Simpson met Johnson, reportedly while he was at a dinner party with his wife and wound up getting pregnant and having a baby before they were wed. It was all a bit quick and bizarre, but considering how happy they both seemed, most fans were on board with the relationship.

If this whole sleeping with both women at the same time scandal happened, it really paints their relationship a different color. At this point, however, that’s still a very big if. We’ll keep you updated if anyone decides to speak on the record or any actual facts emerge. Until then, treat this story with a raised eyebrow.

Mack Rawden
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