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Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have been a bit of an unofficial item for a while now. Gosling seems to be keeping low about the probable relationship after a year spent being a hot commodity in the headlines. Luckily for Gosling, just as the news mill is settling down on his front, his love life seems to be settling down, too.

Gosling spent a special New Year’s Day with Mendes, but also with his mother, Donna. The threesome were not seen in Los Angeles; however, instead choosing to spend the New Year Holiday in New York. Gosling and Mendes jetted to the city on Friday, leaving plenty of time to ring in 2012. By Sunday, however, the busy weekend had likely caught up with them. According to People, the happy trio spent Sunday afternoon at an AMC theater in Manhattan. There’s no word on what movie the group saw that afternoon, but luckily there are no Mendes or Gosling flicks in the regular theater right now, so whatever they saw wasn’t narcissistic.

Of course, no one involved has commented publicly on what the girlfriend/ mother meeting might mean, but it clearly does mean something. No one takes a significant other to meet his mom without hours of planning and fretting over what might happen. You just don’t bring that hassle upon yourself for someone that doesn’t matter. There may not be wedding bells in the air, but it seems there is certainly a little love.