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Fake Lamar Odom Stole 5K From Penny Marshall

Many Dallas Mavericks fans feel Lamar Odom duped owner Mark Cuban out of millions this season by never fully investing in his new team. That may be true, but somehow, that still seems preferable to being duped out of thousands by a fake Lamar Odom in a complicated and shady scheme.

That’s the position A League Of Their Own director and noted Lakers fan Penny Marshall is in after she got hoodwinked by some dude claiming to be Lamar’s assistant. According to TMZ, the mystery man approached the former Laverne and Shirley star during a game last month, claiming to be Lamar’s assistant. He gave her the forward’s number, and the two reportedly texted for a few days before bizarro Lamar asked Penny to give his fake assistant five grand to take care of some things. Penny did as she was told, but when “Lamar” suddenly stopped answering her texts, she approached the real Odom and found out he doesn’t have an assistant.

In response, she filed a police report detailing the scheme, and the LAPD has supposedly begun a full grand theft investigation. Given the amount of money involved, potential charges against the imposter should prove very serious if he’s ever caught. Even if he’s not, five grand to never be able to go to another Lakers game seems like a horrible trade off considering Penny will no doubt sound the alarm if she ever sees him again.

Driving might be the worst decision one can make while texting, but loaning money probably isn’t far behind.

Mack Rawden

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