Former OJ Attorney Robert Shapiro Will Represent Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom’s marriage to Khloe Kardashian is at an all-time low point, and his prospects of ever playing in the National Basketball League again are iffy at best. Most pressingly, however, he’s staring down the barrel of some pretty serious legal charges thanks to his recent driving under the influence arrest. Fortunately for him, he now has one of the best attorneys money can buy representing him.

According to TMZ, Robert Shapiro has officially been tapped to represent the embattled former NBA star. The Legal Zoom founder/ spokesman has a long history with the Kardashian family going all the way back to the mid-1990s. Along with Robert Kardashian Sr, Johnnie Cochran and a dream team of other lawyers, Shapiro was able to get a not guilty verdict for OJ Simpson in his famous trial. Because Kardashian’s ex-wife Kris Jenner was best friends with victim Nicole Brown Simpson, she wasn’t exactly very happy with the outcome, but clearly, she has nothing but respect for Shapiro.

The famed attorney has been brought on board to help the Kardashian family several times in the past, most recently following Rob Jr’s tussel with a photographer. If all goes according to plan, Shapiro will be able to keep Lamar out of jail with a no contest plea and an alcohol class, but thanks to his refusal to take a blood test, he will definitely still lose his license for an entire year. Given the resources at his disposal, however, that shouldn’t be a big deal. He can always take a car service. Besides, if you drive under the influence of drugs, you shouldn’t be allowed behind the wheel for a year, no matter who your attorney is.

If nothing else, this latest development in the Khloe/ Lamar drama shows how much the scorned wife is still rooting for the best for her husband. Given the alleged cheating and the crack usage, she would certainly be within her rights to wash her hands of the situation, but obviously, she wants to make sure the big man lands on his feet, even if they do wind up in divorce court.

Expect Shapiro to work quickly and have this case resolved as soon as possible.

Mack Rawden
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