Plenty of Beliebers would be willing to shell out a pretty penny to see Justin Bieber perform live in concert. However, the pop star is a man of charity and goodwill and, on his recent tour, he’s pretty keen to put out at least a few free shows. The first, in Oslo, Norway, swelled to such large numbers injuries were eventually caused, and the second, an open-air concert in Mexico City was even bolder and bigger.

On Monday, Bieber set up a stage in Zocalo Plaza—one of the 7 locations set up as part of the 18-year-old star’s Around the World tour. Bieber jumped around in neon sneakers and sang his little pop heart out for an audience that Mexico City authorities are stating featured roughly 210,000 fans, give or take a few. According to Reuters, after the recent Bieber concert fiasco, Mexican police were out in full force to make sure the crowd stayed under control during the event.

The numbers prove the event was a big deal, but so do the swarms of people who actually camped out for the event for days prior to the Monday night show. The whole tour to promote Bieber’s latest album Believe is turning into a mad circus event that is like camping out at Best Buy on Black Friday times 100. It is pretty impressive to note that with 210,000 people, the Mexico City enforcers managed to keep the crowd under control. Then again, it's also pretty impressive 210,000 people all agreed on the same activity.

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