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Governor Chris Christie has never been one to hold back his opinion. If he’s got a problem with you, chances are you know about it, and that’s exactly the position Nicole Snooki Polizzi is in. Back in the day, the popular New Jersey politician sounded off on the ridiculousness of Jersey Shore and made it very clear he thinks the castmembers are exactly the type of hard-partying, obnoxious stereotypes that keep the Garden State’s reputation a little sketchy.

Earlier this week, Snooki and Christie both appeared on Today to film separate segments about the clean up of Seaside Heights. Afterwards, the two shook hands and had a relatively brief conversation, but based on the awkwardness of it and the reality star making reference to his hate to the camera after the discussion, it’s pretty clear Governor Christie’s position hasn’t softened over the years.

On the one hand, it’s easy to see why Christie is so bothered by Snooki and company. He wants the world to think of New Jersey as a progressive place filled with young people contributing to society, but thanks to Jersey Shore’s popularity, the same old stereotypes have taken root for another generation. On the other hand, however, God only knows how much tourism the MTV show brought in over the course of its six seasons. As one of the more buzzed about things on television, it had a real cultural impact, and that definitely had a measurable, monetary effect.

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Is The Governor Right To Hate Snooki?

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