On Wednesday, Pop Blend reported actress Halle Berry had gotten engaged to Olivier Martinez, a French boxer-turned-actor whom Berry had met in 2010. With love and cheer in the air, the holidays are the perfect time to get engaged, as Matthew McConaughey and Justin Timberlake would be apt to tell you. With reports discussing Berry being the proud owner and wearer of a diamond and emerald engagement ring, the whole thing seemed pretty settled. But was it?

Although a spokesperson at the jewelry company, Gurhan, did say the ring Berry was later spotted wearing was purchased from them, it apparently may not be an engagement ring and she may no longer even be wearing the thing. As the couple remains quiet about their current status, outlets like People are now shying away from stating the couple is actually engaged. It doesn't help, either, the ring Gurhan claimed was one of the company's designs may not actually be the company's and may not even be an engagement ring. Ouch.

While Martinez seems to be a nice guy and the couple seems very happy together, Berry has already been married twice, and has a three year-old daughter that is likely her number one priority right now and will remain that way for a long while. If she is or does eventually get engaged to Martinez, Pop Blend wishes the couple years of happiness. If not, there is never any sense in rushing in to any commitment, especially one as lifelong as marriage, before a couple is ready.

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