Hear 53 Awesome, Groan-Worthy Jokes In 4 Minutes

How did the hipster burn his tongue?

He drank coffee before it was cool.

If you at least smiled after reading that joke, please proceed forward. If not, it’s probably best if you collect your mouse and scroll over to the back arrow on the upper left side of your browser because there’s fifty-two more hilariously bad/ awesome gems coming just like that.

Earlier this week, Hank Green of the Vlog Brothers taped himself telling fifty-three awful jokes. From chemistry to grammar to outdated pop culture, he cast his net extremely wide to include a large selection of subject matters for his brilliant/ groan-worthy jokes. He then edited the footage together, strung it into a four minute window to narrowly top his previous joke video entries and put the footage online. It’s rapidly approaching 500,000 views, and if you’ve made it this far, something tells me you’re about to add one more. Take a look at the hilarity below…

One thing I appreciate about this video, beyond its frantic pace, is that it spells out the word play jokes to keep the momentum going. There are too many entries in quick succession to have to think about things like “By icicle” vs “Bicycle”. That’s really helpful, and even if viewers do get the joke immediately, the space is a much-needed pause.

Now go forward and make your friends roll their eyes by busting out a few of these.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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