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Help Me Decide If These Kanye West Tour Shirts Are Brilliant Or Really Stupid

You see the above t-shirt? The one that looks like it was available for purchase in a booth outside an Iron Maiden concert in 1983? Well, that sexy little number isn’t a few decades old, nor was it created by a hair metal band. Instead, it’s one of several shirts being offered at Kanye West concerts on the eccentric hip hop star’s new tour.

Pictures of some of the merchandise were recently released on the Instagram account of pioneering street artist Virgil Abloh, and not surprisingly, they’ve drawn a ton of feedback from fans who either seem to love what they’re looking at it or hate it with a pretty aggressive passion.

You can take a look at another one of the t-shirts below…

Say what you will about West, but he’s not a man who ever takes the generic route. A standard shirt with his name and all the tour dates on it? Why would he go that route when he could offer a shout-out to 80s hair metal and make some kind of statement at the same time?

That being said, I’m not really sure what statement he’s trying to make, and I’m not really sure whether anyone will even want to wear these shirts around. Most of them are emblazoned with skulls, and there’s even one with a Confederate Flag. That might read ironic or high fashion in certain circles, but in others, people are just going to assume it’s actually an 80s shirt.

What do you think of these shirts? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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