Holly Madison Names Daughter Rainbow, Rate Her Choice

Holly Madison has finally settled on a name for her healthy and happy daughter, and as promised, it’s way outside the box. The former Playboy model and her fiancé Pasquale Rotella have decided to go with Rainbow Aurora Rotella.

Apparently, when the former Peep Show star was growing up, one of the girls in her class was named Rainbow, and she thought it was the most beautiful and unique name she’d ever heard. This morning, she told E! News that something about it stuck with her, and she decided it would be perfect for her firstborn daughter.

Not surprisingly, her decision to name her daughter Rainbow Aurora has polarized her fans quite a bit. There are some who think the handle is the perfect balance of unique and familiar and will set her daughter on a bath of creativity and self-acceptance. There are others, however, who think this name is way too far outside the box and is borderline stupid. They seem to think it’s weird for the sake of being weird and the poor girl will either end up using her middle name or will grow to despise the moniker her parents gave her.

What do you think of the name Rainbow Aurora? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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