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Hot Or Not? How Does Miley Cyrus Look On The Cosmo Cover?

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to envelope-pushing photographs and adult behavior. Over the past few years, she’s done quite a bit to shed much of the image she and Disney so carefully manufactured, but nonetheless, the current cover of Cosmopolitan is still generating quite a bit of buzz.

Featuring Cyrus in a white suit without an undershirt, it’s somewhere between a little forward and racy. Take a look at the shot below, courtesy of Cosmo

I think we can all agree the above picture isn’t too far on the explicit scale, but as for whether or not it’s attractive, opinions are very much mixed. With her pixie haircut, there are some who feel putting her in a suit was an absolutely terrible idea. Then again, there are others who think there’s something incredibly sexy about the androgynous nature of the short haircut and suit combination.

What do you think? Does Miley look smoking hot on this Cosmopolitan cover, or is this just a complete miss? Let us know which side of the coin you’re on by voting in the poll embedded below…

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