Thanks to finding love with screenwriter Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston might not still be viewed as the heartbroken girl who got left by Brad Pitt, but that doesn’t mean she’s necessarily excited about having her big day overlap with her ex-husband’s wedding. As such, Aniston has reportedly put her plans for a summer wedding on hold in the aim of walking down the aisle at a time in the future less fraught with potential gossip.

At least that’s the latest rumor put forward by US Magazine. The outlet claims Aniston completely stopped working on wedding plans about a month ago and will instead focus her efforts on redecorating the house. That should greatly ease the stress in the short-term, but obviously, all of these invitation/ venue/ band/ seating chart headaches are going to need to be had at some point.

The line between being sensitive to a potential paparazzi nightmare and completely altering one’s life to cater to an ex-husband is pretty fuzzy, but I think Aniston is on the right side of the issue here. You don’t want to walk down the aisle with any of these minor concerns. You want to focus on your own happiness without any issues like ex-husbands and potential US Weekly cover stories.

Aniston has been dealt a lot of blows and weathered a lot of bullshit over the last decade. It’s nice to see she’s finally walking toward her happy ending, even if she gets there a little bit slower than she may have liked.

Jen hasn’t commented publically on any of this, but if she does, we will bring you her statement.

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