It seems everyday we’re given a new reason to doubt one of the three masseurs accusing John Travolta of sexual harassment. The first dude was forced to change his story after it became clear the actor wasn’t even in Los Angeles when the alleged incident occurred. The third guy, a cruise ship worker, told his bosses Travolta asked him for a neck massage three years ago and only later changed it be more sexually graphic. And now the second guy, well, he seems to have a few problems with his own story.

Radar Online was able to get its hands on the transcript of an email the accuser sent to his bosses after he was supposedly sexually harassed, and the wannabe resignation curiously doesn’t say a word about Travolta or even about having an uncomfortable run-in with a client. It instead gripes about “unnecessary gossip” and “insubordination” from other employees.

It’s not like this email admits nothing happened or outlines a completely different story, but it is a bit strange nothing about an incident supposedly worth two million dollars in pain and suffering is overtly mentioned. You would think a celebrity exposing himself and masturbating in your presence would be listed as a reason for quitting your job, but none of that comes out here. No doubt Travolta’s lawyer Marty Singer would have a field day discussing its omission in court.

None of us know exactly what happened during those massages, but as the days go on, we’re getting more and more reasons to at least question the claims we’ve been presented with.

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