Jonas Brothers Cancel Tour Dates, Cite Deep Rift As Reason

Just a few days ago, the Jonas Brothers’ band page and Twitter feed were abuzz with excitement regarding the band’s tour, which was set to kick off on October 11. But on Wednesday the three brothers in the band, 25-year-old Kevin, 24-year-old Joe, and 21-year-old Nick, mutually decided the band would not hit the road. The decision was made only two days before the guys were set to tour.

The group’s spokesperson, Jesse Derris, confirmed the news to People on Wednesday, noting that the group is clearly having some major problems getting along.

"There is a deep rift within the band. There was a big a disagreement over their music direction."

Listen: band’s cancel tour dates all the time. However, typically when a band cancels tour dates at the last minute, it is due to an injured member of the band or a serious surgery that needs to be undergone immediately, or maybe a vocal chord issue forcing a singer to go on immediate vocal rest. All of these would be reasonable reasons for the Jonas Brothers to say, “Hey, we aren’t going to make it.” Unfortunately, “a deep rift” is not a great excuse for bailing on fans. It also might say something about where the band is headed (or not headed) in the future.

Clearly, Nick, Joe, and Kevin have been moving in different directions for years. Kevin and his wife, Danielle, have a reality series on E!, while Nick and Joe have released solo albums. The Jonas Brothers’ upcoming tour was supposed to support new music like “First Time” and “Pom Poms,” but I get the feeling the band could be headed for a hiatus or even a breakup.

If I were set to tour, I would go ahead and hit the road, even if I was having trouble getting along with my bandmates. After all, a band is only as good as its fans, and canceling a bunch of dates is bound to make people grumpy. Clearly, though, I am not one of the Jonas Brothers, and the guys obviously have different priorities and would rather take a break than continue dealing with band issues. The good news related to all of this is that if you did purchase tickets to any of the 19 dates the boys were set to hit up, your money will be refunded. Thus, you theoretically can use that refunded money to see an even better band than the Jonas Brothers, or at least see a band that is not going to cancel a tour just a couple of days before they are set to perform.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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