Over the summer, a steady stream of workers filed in and out of the multi-million dollar West Village brownstone Julianne Moore lives in with her husband and children. The interior was being renovated, the plumbing was getting a once over and unfortunately, to everyone’s surprise, a burglar was making off with more than one hundred thousand dollars worth of jewelry.

The theft or thefts took place between June 6 and August 28. Given the frantic activity and the huge time gap, there are a ton of potential suspects. According to The New York Times, there are ten missing accessories. All were made by Cartier, and their total value is estimated at $127,000. It’s unclear whether the family insurance will cover the missing loot, but regardless, police have launched an investigation and hope to find the culprit at some point.

Ordinarily, with a high-priced jewelry theft, one would point to a seasoned professional with a clever plan and plenty of experience, but since there were so many workers in the house, it’s entirely possible some random dude opened a drawer he shouldn’t have and impulsively pocketed the contents.

We’ll keep you updated if any arrests are made, though I certainly wouldn’t advise holding your breath. These cases usually don’t get solved until some dude gets caught redhanded later and the loot from dozens or robberies is found in his apartment.

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