What better way to celebrate a brand new tattoo than to head to the beach and gad around, topless? At least that’s the way Justin Bieber sees it. Yesterday, the young lad sported around L.A.’s beach scene with his father, a friend, and a brand new face on his very own leg.

If you saw Bieber’s film, Never Say Never, you might recognize his enthusiasm for and appreciation of evangelical Christianity. With that in mind, it is no surprise the young man might choose a tattoo of Jesus’ face. It may be a little bit of a surprise when you see the tattoo though. That thing is massive. Not I-made-a-mistake massive, but still pretty excessive, especially for someone with such small calves as Bieber has. You can check out photos of the tattoo and the beach rendezvous over at The Daily Mail.

The tattoo is Bieber’s third related to religion. Formerly, Bieber also got a tattoo of a dove on his left hip. The young crooner also has a matching tattoo with his father of the word “Jesus” in Hebrew. The wording is located on Bieber’s rib cage.

There is fervor and there is fervor. Bieber’s gone a very permanent way of expressing his faith. While it’s probably not the way many of us would go, it still shows a lot of gumption and assurance about his ideals. If Bieber keeps going, he could very well end up as an inked out version of the Bible. Now that he’s gotten multiple beloved symbols of Christianity tattooed on his body, I hope he considers getting Sodom and Gomorrah tattooed somewhere. That’ll be the day.

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